Business Philosophy

Core values

The 4 core values in SEYI include “Integrity”, “Accountability”, “Service” and “Innovation”.



    This refers to active and positive perspective towards life and value with sincerity when interacting with people, adherence to company rules and moral norms in the society, as well as commitment to the work.

    This refers to the promise make to others, proactively undertaking responsibilities and challenges when facing problems, as well as actively solving the problem and the courage of bearing final results.

    This refers to initiatively understanding customer's needs and ensuring the customer gets satisfactory solutions at moments needed under guidance with company rules.

    This refers to continuous learning, thinking, actively improving or creating new aspect, method, element, path and environment, so substantial benefits can be obtained and values to the organization and customers can be created.

  Company Mission

  "Enriching Life through Innovation and Technology"
   Innovation extends our desire for improving workmanship
  Technology shortens the distance to true happiness

   The details of metal formation workmanship are hidden within our daily life.

   As a pioneer in trends, SEYI provides thorough metal formation solution by utilizing technological knowledge, creativity and resources. Through seamless connection with high-tier workmanship in the world, we fuse cold metals to enrich human life with a new phase.