Corporate Social Responsibility
As leading brand of metal formation tooling machine over the world, SEYI shall play the leading role that undertakes social responsibilities. With what we gained from society, we shall contribute with the concept of social caring with action to the general public for a better environment and fulfillment of social responsibility.
Sustainable Environment Development
Through more than 50 years of history, we at SEYI Group have sought to “transform”. In addition to arrangement of global operation, we continuously participate in various public events including donation for Tainan earthquake, support to 8th August hurricane, tree planting, rice growing and beach cleaning as our contribution to society.

We believe that environment protection is equivalently important as industrial development. Therefore, we continuously promote for recycling for re-use, carbon reduction, water and electricity saving, as well as green motivation, so balanced development can be achieved on living, producing and ecological phases.
Industry-Academy Cooperation
R&D alternative military service - By utilizing mechanism of military service to recruit talented personnel for the industry, The needs of skill utilization and developing national economy can be satisfied at same time, which further achieve the objective of adequate application of human resource and continuous improvement on advantage of industrial competitiveness.

By donating a “servo press” machine to National Chiao-Tung University (NCTU), the research capacity for NCTU on metal formation processing is strengthened. The machine can be used for academic research and students can familiarize with top standard of the industry more, which is expected to improve technology of formation machine tools in Taiwan and cultivate more mechanical experts.
In year 2002, SEYI completed public offering of stock and was listed in Taiwan for commencement of stock trading (Code 4533 TT)

Public information

All SEYI products have obtained the dynamic shearing machine certification. We provide customers with press equipment that fully complies with safety regulations to improve reliability of press utilization. We have also established the “Safety Partnership” with the Northern Region Inspection Office, Council of Labor Affairs in Taiwan for providing us resources on hosting lectures, trainings and consultations to companies in press industry, which is expected to reduce occurrence of occupational accidents.
We understand that only sustainability can achieve the purpose of greatest respect and protection to people and the environment.
Over recent years, SEYI has continuously invested in development of green product and minimize environmental influence from manufacturing process and customer usage, as well as reducing energy consumption, improving energy conversion and efficiency in recycling. In 2011, SEYI launched a series of servo press products with low energy consumption and low noise. The future target is promoting our servo press to the world for solution of extensive energy saving and improved production performance in metal processing industry worldwide. In that way, SEYI also fulfilled its obligation in carbon reduction and caring for the planet.