About SEYI
About SEYI
Since establishment in 1962 and throughout more than 5 decades of development, SEYI has always been persistent on professional operation and advanced technology in research and development, so we can protect customer's interests by providing safe product of excellent quality, reasonable price, fast delivery and thorough service.
Cutting-edge development Sustainable service
Among press equipment manufacturers worldwide, SEYI has earned the leading position with press products from 25 tons to 4000 tons. Our manufacturing plants for mechanical press equipments have be established in both Taiwan and China. Starting from Europe, United States, Thailand and Mexico, our network of sales and service is all over the world. SEYI does not only provide press products, but also the “Total Solution” service including peripherals such as feeding machine, transporting device and auxiliary equipments to maximize customer's revenue.
New standard for servo press worldwide
The supply chain for our press manufacturing is supported by the “Cooperation Club” consisting of 28 Taiwanese enterprises; some of these companies are also the parts suppliers for machinery plants in Japan. The gear supplier for key parts has advanced gear grinding equipment made in Germany and Switzerland. In the recent years SEYI has focused on producing bigger presses for the auto parts industry, as the presses grow our production equipment grows as well. In August 2013, the large horizontal boring machine “MAF-RS180C” was purchased from Mitsubishi Heavy Industry to address the orders of large presses. The plant not only contains large processing machines, but also equipment from Japanese manufacturers such as Toshiba, Mitsui Seiki and Mori Seiki machinery. In addition to production equipment, we have also received guidance from senior providers in Japan on production technology for the last 10 years. By pursuing Japanese standard of quality on both software and hardware, SEYI has obtained impressive achievements.


Future Vision
In the ever-changing competition within international market, SEYI always emphasizes on stable operation. Our products have been sold to more than 50 countries worldwide. We also obtained numerous quality and business awards all over the world. Our products are provided to major automobile plants and their major accessory plants. For the future, the aeromechanic and medical instrument industries can be possible fields for our business to expand.
We Satisfy Customer's Needs and Always Create Possibilities
The metal forming machine must withstand various stringent working conditions and only excellent quality can survive the challenge. For SEYI, this is evident from more than 50 years of recognition from customers. It is our goal to satisfy customers' needs and create solid values for them.