Remarks from Chairlady
Innovation is our DNA in SEYI.

We believe that innovation is a whole new vision of breaking traditions and embracing the open mind.
Passion and proactive thinking are the motivating force in our culture.
We encourage colleagues to challenge the present and continuously transcend conventional thinking.
With imagination, ambition and courage, all problems at work can be resolved.

All stories of success do not occur by accident, because these are the results generated from group contribution of all colleagues.
If you wish to build a better world with us, welcome aboard!
Chairlady & CEO
Claire Kuo
Career Development
In addition to establishment of hardware and investment in R&D technology, the cultivation of talented personnel is the key element of sustainable development for an enterprise. Through training program in category of levels and lessons, SEYI helps to improve knowledge and practical skills of personnel on core of general knowledge, professional skill and management & leadership to cultivate necessary abilities for present and future.
In addition to enhancing abilities via training and lessons, SEYI is open to the rotation of professional positions so all personnel are given opportunity to find suitable post, experience in-depth and enriched work, as well as the journey of cultivation. In this way, the rotation between R&D design, business service, manufacturing and quality assurance units becomes a norm of career development in SEYI. Moreover, we offer salary, benefits, bonus and performance management that comply with market standard, so we can provide environment and conditions that allow space of learning development and well occupational service.
Industry-Academy cooperation
In the machinery industry of high precision and technology, the Industry-Academy cooperation has become an important channel of recruiting and cultivating personnel.
● Tier format
● Employment-orientated
● Industry-Academy cooperation
● Student internship
● Summer internship
● Others (dual-track flagship, short-term internship)
Joyful Experience in SEYI
Story of Growth