Straight Side Eccentric Gear Link Press (SEL Series)
The prime choice of press equipment for forming process of large pieces, which makes it applicable for forming of large automotive parts. The eccentric gear and connecting rods are adopted for the drive component. The design of low energy consumption can effectively save more than 20% of energy.
  • Designed with tie-rod structure on the frame and adopting gear driving component with four connecting rods, the rigidity of main body increases extensively.The soft contact and processing at constant speed during press forming extensively reduces vibration, noise and heat, as well as extending die lifetime.
  • The combination of pneumatic die cushion for big tonnage with tightening and adjusting component can address the needs for different stroke and action.
  • With the use of high torque wet clutch/ brake, the lifetime of clutch increases and environmental protection is ensured.
  • The highly respondent Hydraulic Overload Protector (HOLP) can effectively fix die stuck and prevent overloading.
  • The design of piston guide pillar extensively absorbs lateral support to the connecting rod for precise and stable movement of the slide block.


4 Points Straight Side Eccentric Gear Link Press Tandem Line+6-AXIS ROBOTS