Solid Frame Crank Servo Press (SD Series)
Suitable for application in auto parts, consumable electronics and household appliances. These can require perfect forming. By combining progressive die with pendulum curve, the productivity can possibly be doubled, which saves more than 50% of energy. Furthermore, automated transfer production line can also be added to upgrade the productivity.
Hand wheel mode for convenient die calibration
The punch can move freely for ease of setup.
User-friendly operation interface and monitoring software
With memory capacity for 200 sets of die information, the machine speeds up efficiency in die replacement and production. The setup of “absolute value in speed” allows precise control (the curvature setup method by other brand makes calculation troublesome) on monitoring production, quality and detecting abnormity.

Best B.D.C. Accuracy
No hydraulic pressure on electronic overload system for less factors of variables and stable precision on bottom dead center
8 default modes
Time of non-processing stroke saved for higher productivity
Limitless press movement that stops at any position up, down and speed shifting
Energy conservation Space saving Improvement in production volume
The adoption of electrical utilizer prevents high power output at the instant of pressing
(power consumption same as conventional press machine).
Replacement of hydraulic machine, improvement in production volume and reduction in power consumption
The pendulum movement saves energy by 50% (time of non-processing stroke saved)
The noise reduces by 30 times and die lifetime extends by more than 50%.
Centralized circulation of oil lubrication
This is designed for various special servo design.
Exclusive servo motor for press machine
Low speed High torque
Features a extreme acceleration/ deceleration
Extremely precise dimensions
High efficiency
(Other brand)
Due to insufficient torque at low revolution, high revolution has to be used with deceleration as well.
Intersected parallel framework, 8-point Guided Slide
The highly rigid intersected parallel framework emphasizes on longitudinal and transverse rigidity
The 8-point guided slide emphasize on support with guide rails that increases stability of punch and effectively resists eccentric loading.
  • Intersected parallel framework, 8-point Guided Slide.
  • 8 default modes.
  • Energy conservation Space saving Improvement in production volume.
  • Exclusive servo motor for press machine.
    Low speed High torque.
  • Best B.D.C. Accuracy.
  • User-friendly operation interface and monitoring software.
  • Centralized circulation of oil lubrication.
  • Hand wheel mode for convenient die calibration.
Application Example 1
Application Example 1
  • The combination of pendulum mode with optimized processing speed increases precision of product forming and the productivity at the same time.
  • Product: Oil coolant for automotive engine
  • Customer: Auto accessory industry in Mexico
Application Example 2
Application Example 2
  • With application of optimized processing speed and curve, the lifetime of die increases and the original 7 strokes of product processing needed reduces to 1 stroke.
  • Product: Automotive ABS seals
  • Customer: Auto accessory industry in Japan
Application Example 3
Application Example 3
  • With application of special vibration and mixed curves from multiple pressing, together with exclusive dies, the section of product from pressing is as perfect as the ones from cut processing. This successfully transform cut processing into press processing, which saves great amount of production time & cost.
  • Product/ Customer: Printed Circuit Board (PCB)/ Japan
Servo Press Applications
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    • Introduction on Servo Press
    • Servo Press – Spring Back Control
    • Servo Press – Deep Drawing
    • Servo Press – Fine Blanking




Specification(imperial) SD Series