Automation Press Production Line Solution
The pressing production of automotive parts has moved towards modularization, enlargement and integration. In order to satisfy such demand of automated fast pressing production with high precision, efficiency and smoothness, SEYI has pushed towards developing the large and fast automated pressing production line with high-performance.


  • The development of large and fast automated pressing production line with high-performance is based on the product features to provide pressing machines in diversified categories including dual-shaft, four-shaft, connecting rod and programmable servo press. We also provide customized designs based on customer’s production needs. In order to make automated transfer between press machines possible, SEYI can provide equipment such as single-bar transfer unit , robotic arm and NC (2D/3D) transfer unit, as well as other feeder, straightener, and uncoiler or destacker/stacker  equipments. This is so that maximum efficiency can be achieved for automotive parts.


    • SLG-1000-800-500-500-500
    • SE2-1000-800-600-500-500