Maintenance Service
  • Overseas maintenance and annual inspection service
  • For the areas outside Taiwan and China, find your local service location or SEYI assigns technicians to visit these areas and provide maintenance. The inspection is conducted first; next would be quotation and the maintenance would be provided last.
  • Customer Benefits:
    ◆ Understand the equipment condition.
    ◆ Prevent the occurrence of the process accident.
    ◆ Plan the budget accurately.
    ◆ Save the equipment costs.
    ◆ Promote the production efficiency.
  • Fault inspection for the internet remote access
  • SEYI in-house control technology and maintenance departments are responsible for internet inspection. Customers shall work with personnel from local agents of SEYI and support the connection equipment.
  • Customer Benefits:
    ◆ Shorten the traffic hours.
    ◆ Remove the faults in time.
    ◆ Reduce the maintenance costs.
    ◆ Increase the maintenance efficiency.