#Mar 2023

Success Story

Kapco Metal Stamping Adds Value with SEYI Servo Presses

 Kapco Metal Stamping needs to consider how to help its customer get to market faster with higher quality and less expensive products. Meanwhile, how to bring in takeover work from its own loyal client is another key to make Kapco still competitive. Implementing servo technology is the answer. Read More


Servo Technology

Servo Press Application: Brake disc carriers 

The brake disc carrier is a component of a brake system that holds and supports the brake disc. It is normally light weight with high reliability and high stability to ensure the brake disc is securely mounted. For demonstrating SEYI servo press advantage, stamping process instead of die casting method has been adopted. Read More


Green Product

SEYI Servo Press, the first servo press awarded CE Marking by TÜV Rheinland in Taiwan

SEYI’s green stamping machine “Servo Press” has been awarded EU CE certification last September, in accordance with the Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive. SEYI is also the first Taiwanese servo press maker to complete the certification process with TÜV Rheinland. Read More

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