Kapco Metal Stamping Adds Value with SEYI Servo Presses

Founded in 1972, Kapco is a renowned contract manufacturer of metal parts based in Grafton, Wisconsin, U.S. With nearly 600 employees, Kapco specializes in metal stamping, fabrication, and welding and is known for investing in its people and the local community.

Kapco supplies parts for manufacturers in various industries, including heavy industrial, automotive, trucking, material handling, warehousing, agriculture, and appliance. One of Kapco’s largest customers produces recreational utility vehicles with accelerated production cycles, so optimizing volume, frequency, and speed is often Kapco’s key to success with that particular customer. Implementing servo technology was Kapco’s answer to meet its explosive growth in its 50th year. The technology maximized production at lower costs and faster delivery times.



In addition to multiple mechanical presses, SEYI supplies two of Kapco’s four servo presses. Speed was the primary reason to invest in servo technology while maintaining the highest quality. By programming a shorter stroke to increase their strokes per minute, Kapco increased their output speeds. The servo also provides versatility in adjustability and stroke profiles, giving Kapco the utility of serval different presses all in one. Space was another consideration. With the servo, Kapco saw more output per square foot. Meanwhile, the tool room also benefits from the press by handling more challenging materials, lowering reverse tonnage, eliminating shear angles on punches, and removing the need for a re-strike station.

Like most things, these benefits come with some challenges. The transition to servo presses requires training for first-line operators. Servo press settings are based on slide location relative to BDC rather than degrees of rotation which takes time to understand. SEYI has a solution called "Virtual Cam," which translates the linear position of the slide into virtual degrees of crank motion. This was especially helpful when running the press in a pendulum motion. Additionally, the pulse wheel is handy for operators to move the slide motion to match an exact position and timing. Despite the extra expense and challenges, Kapco is happy with its investment in its servo presses.


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