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Taking Green Manufacturing to the Next Level - SEYI's Servo Presses CE Certified by TÜV Rheinland
Taking Green Manufacturing to the Next Level - SEYI's Servo Presses CE Certified by TÜV Rheinland
Electric vehicles (EVs) have become the talk of the market in recent years due to climate change. The servo presses produced by Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (SEYI), a type of green stamping machinery used for stamping metal parts by EV makers, recently obtained EU CE certification in accordance with the Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive. SEYI is, therefore, the first servo press maker in Taiwan to complete the certification process with TÜV Rheinland. SEYI's Servo Presses CE Certified by TÜV Rheinland (Left) SEYI Executive Vice President, Joseph Liu   (Right) TÜV Rheinland Taiwan Managing Director, Jennifer Wang SEYI is a global leader in servo press equipment, and has customers from metal parts for the automotive, aerospace, medical device, agricultural machinery, consumer electronics, building hardware, and domestic appliance industries. Tier-1 auto parts manufacturers in the US, Europe, and Japan have also become customers for medium and large SEYI servo presses in recent years. In the future, SEYI will focus even more of its energy on high-value, advanced smart servo manufacturing solutions. A servo press production line consumes just 50% compared to a conventional stamping press, so carbon emissions during production are greatly reduced. Composite materials used by new energy vehicles (NEVs) are challenging to shape. The power servo and control systems of a SEYI servo press can be configured to deliver the most appropriate pressure curve for increased output and improved quality. In the future, metal forming production methods must not only balance output and capacity but also take environmental friendliness into account. SEYI is continuing to develop green servo press products aimed at providing end customers with safe and friendly production equipment. The stamping press is classified as dangerous machinery. CE certification requires compliance with a number of related directives and third-party assessments. CE certification for industrial machinery generally consists of three key directives: the Machinery Directive (hazard identification guidelines/stamping press standards/safety circuits), Low Voltage Directive (electrical regulations for machinery), and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (no electromagnetic interference with other equipment). Certification in accordance with all three key directives is essential to ensuring the overall standard of the safety performance of dangerous machinery from design through to operation and reducing danger during use. Certifications can be looked up in the TÜV Rheinland Certipedia database to provide foreign buyers with additional assurance on the quality of machinery. ESG is now a global trend. The specially designed servos installed in SEYI servo presses deliver low RPM, high torque, and low energy consumption. Electricity can also be recovered for reuse. SEYI Executive Vice President Joseph Liu says: "Take the 12,000 kN servo press, for example. If each machine runs for 24 hours a day and 312 days a year, the carbon emissions of the SEYI servo press are about 555 tonnes lower than for a hydraulic press. This is equivalent to the amount of carbon absorbed by 1.5 Daan Forest Parks in Taipei (approx. 92 acres) in one year. It provides production capacity while delivering environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction. The industry, therefore, makes a contribution to the overall well-being of the planet." EN ISO 16092-1 has now replaced EN 692 as the new standard for presses, and imposes more stringent safety requirements. SEYI has set an example for the rest of the industry by taking the lead on adopting the new standard. A rigorous and comprehensive safety assessment and verification process was conducted by TÜV Rheinland for SEYI's servo presses. The process encompassed training, technical meetings, corrective actions for deviations, and preparation of the Technical Construction File (TCF). SEYI and TÜV Rheinland overcame various technical challenges during the verification process so that the machinery could ultimately be certified as compliant with the requirements of EU directives. TÜV Rheinland is an EU-approved independent certification body and the chosen certification body for many leading brands. From the functional safety of components to the systemic safety of industrial machinery and equipment, TÜV Rheinland can assist vendors in enhancing their conformity on mechanical safety requirements and risk reduction. Safety assessments for plants/production lines as well as personnel training services are also available. This includes obtaining Taiwan's TS safety mark and conformity with the local requirements of export markets anywhere in the world. Green manufacturing is now the new paradigm, and businesses are investing in the development of green production processes by starting with equipment. Digital technologies are also being applied to track energy consumption and carbon management, serving as another way for businesses to boost their green competitiveness.
Celebrating 60 Years of SEYI - Appreciation Tea Party and Seminar
Celebrating 60 Years of SEYI - Appreciation Tea Party and Seminar
While the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the world, it has not been able to slow the pace of climate change. As a global, corporate citizen, world-renowned servo and mechanical press manufacturer SEYI (4533TT) has the obligation and responsibility to contribute to the earth’s sustainability in addition to the organization’s wellbeing. In celebration of its 60th anniversary, SEYI held a 60th-anniversary Appreciation Tea Party and Seminar on November 3rd at Le Méridien Taipei. SEYI is moving into the ranks of smart manufacturing by combining cutting-edge technology and promoting three key initiatives that push towards a 100-year sustainable enterprise: “The FUTURE is NOW,” “SEYI 60: Working Together to Reach Great Heights,” and the ESG Vision Project. At the event, Mr. Jong-chin Shen, the Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan; Mr. Ching-Chang Lien, Director General of the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA; Mr. Simon Wang, the Secretary General of the TAITRA; Ms. Betsy Shieh, Deputy Commercial Chief, American Institute in Taiwan; and Mr. Axel Limberg, Executive Director, German Trade Office Taipei; Tsan-Wen Wei, Chairman, Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry; Wen-Hsien Hsu, Honorary Chairman of the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association; and representatives from central and local government agencies, academia, and research institutions attended the event. Founded in 1962, SEYI has marketed its products worldwide under its brand name "SEYI." The company has thrived for over six decades through integrity in management, witnessing Taiwan's rapid industrialization and economic development. During this time, the product development and manufacturing have evolved from traditional mechanical and gantry presses to environmentally friendly servo presses. In recent years, SEYI integrated IoT technology to develop smart stamping press solutions. "In anticipation of the future, we will continue to promote 'dual sustainability,' said Claire Kuo, Chairman and CEO of SEYI Machinery. She continued, "The first sustainability is that SEYI shall strive forward towards a 100-year enterprise and continue to integrate advanced IoT, big data, and digital technology into the ranks of smart manufacturing in the stamping press industry. The second sustainability is to continue to promote the ESG Vision Project, responding to 2050 net-zero carbon emissions and focusing on all aspects of ESG. We will instill the responsibility and spirit of sustainable development into practice in the company's daily operations and harness innovative metal forming technology to enrich the new look of modern life. Furthermore, we shall continuously care for the local community, remaining deeply rooted in Taiwan, while having global ambitions." Servo Press Green Manufacturing Tool to Empower Green Transformation The Appreciation Tea Party kicked off with the keynote theme, "Servo Press Development Trend." Climate change profoundly affects the global ecological environment, and automobile manufacturers are the first to bear the brunt. As a result, producing new energy vehicles (NEV) has become a top priority for all auto manufacturers. SEYI provides high-efficiency, energy-saving, and low-carbon green stamping press equipment, i.e., the servo press – a strong pillar of support for the automotive metal stamping press industry. The servo press production line consumes half the power of conventional presses, significantly reducing the carbon footprint during the production process. Furthermore, to address the challenge of forming composite materials used in various NEVs, SEYI's servo press products can control the movement and speed of the stroke with its powerful servo motor and control system. Doing so allows the press to match different processing purposes by setting the most suitable curve for productivity enhancement and quality improvement. The production mode of NEVs is also revolutionizing the traditional production process and is moving towards improved smart application and automation in the future. In response to this trend, SEYI has also developed a smart stamping solution integrated with IoT technology to help customers keep track of the machine and production status in real time. Digital Transformation to Enhance the Momentum of Sales and Services The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic serves as a catalyst to propel a contactless economy. The Russia-Ukraine war further exacerbates the global supply chain crisis. As a result, the manufacturing industry has been compelled to collaborate and reorganize its business in a variety of agile approaches, among which is the digital transformation of smart manufacturing, a necessity in the post-pandemic era. SEYI actively faces the development of digital transformation, breaking the barriers of time and space, and providing marketing services through various digital technologies. One such service is the introduction of a "Virtual Showroom" to showcase the smart stamping production line through online platforms and product details through 3D modeling. By introducing Service 2.0, the company is leveraging digital tools to dispatch work and provide remote connectivity for timely maintenance and service, effectively improving operational efficiency and service quality. Talent Cultivation for a Sustainable Future in the Industry Taiwan has a well-developed manufacturing ecosystem, but the shortage of workers is becoming more and more dire due to a falling birth rate and brain drain. SEYI remains deeply rooted in Taiwan, and in light of labor shortages, the company is committed to talent cultivation. In addition to the decades of industry-academia research and teaching internships, SEYI actively targets the stamping press industry by organizing the "SEYI Cup" stamping competition. The "SEYI Cup" helps identify the potential of young students and cultivate talents for the stamping industry. In addition, SEYI also works with social welfare organizations to support technical vocational education in remote areas and inspire children's talents by exploring aptitudes and interests. From elementary schools to universities, SEYI will continue cultivating sustainable talents for the stamping press industry to enhance further the technical prowess and productivity of Taiwan's stamping press industry. The machinery industry is the third trillion industry in Taiwan! Taiwan needs more "Core Industry Guardians” to build more core industries. Therefore, in addition to government support, we need to consolidate the efforts of industry, academia, and research institutes to take on the international market together and create a win-win situation for all. Facing global competition and looking forward to a century-long enterprise, SEYI shall be committed to grasping international industry trends, future customer needs, and implementing deep roots in the local market. Through continuous adjustment of operation strategies and directions, we will build up stamping technology applications and service capabilities that meet market demands and create new momentum for the next wave of growth of SEYI.
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