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Get closer to your carbon reduction goals with SEYI servo presses
Get closer to your carbon reduction goals with SEYI servo presses
Get closer to your carbon reduction goals with SEYI servo presses Reduce carbon emissions equal to the carbon adsorption capacity of 92 acres forest parks The COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world, inadvertently allowing the earth some breathing space. As the world gradually returns to normal, our lives have entered into a “new normal.” As a global manufacturer of metal-forming machine tools, SEYI (4533TT) has always cherished the land. Starting from its home base in Taiwan, SEYI has embraced the world, caring for the earth and contributing to the sustainability of our shared environment. In the face of evolving future metal forming production models, it is necessary to take into account output and capacity and take into account environmental friendliness. SEYI’s servo presses are equipped with a special servo motor specially designed for metal pressing processes, which can achieve high torque at low speeds and the lowest power consumption among peer products. The power can be recycled and reused, and the energy conversion efficiency maximized. Take a 12000kN servo stamping press machine as an example: With daily working hours at 24 hours and operations running for 312 days in a single year as the calculation basis, compared with conventional hydraulic pressing machines, the annual carbon reduction of SEYI servo presses is about 555 tons, which is equivalent to 1.5 Da'an Forest Parks (approximately 92 acres) in annual carbon adsorption capacity. SEYI’s products take into account production capacities and fulfill commitments to environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction goals. SEYI is committed to leveraging its industry influence to create greater good for the environment and earth. SEYI adheres to the mission of "Enriching Life through Innovation and Technology" and is dedicated to developing servo press and metal forming solutions that take into account environmental sustainability and commercial production capacity. Not only does it meet the needs of customers, but it also changes the status quo through innovative thinking to resolve process bottlenecks, improve product quality and application technologies, and provide the most compelling solutions to its customers.
SEYI Machinery Delivers Warmth This Winter
SEYI Machinery Delivers Warmth This Winter
SEYI Machinery Delivers Warmth This Winter While the Assisted Children Drew Wish Trees to Giveaway Their Love Respond to the activity known as "Spread love by sending red envelopes!  Send blessings to the kids and give them the courage to fly", passing on warmth to the most vulnerable ones at the corner in Taiwan. Under the influence of the pandemic, in the first half of this year, the number of households under special circumstances served by World Vision Taiwan has increased by approximately 20% compared with last year; as of the end of September, the number of beneficiaries of special circumstances grants has increased by up to 50% compared with the previous year. The new year is approaching. From now on, World Vision will hold the activity known as "Send red envelopes to spread the love! Send blessings to the kids and give them the courage to fly" to collect 10,000 red envelopes of blessings, which symbolize grants, peace, health and hope for 45,000 children and the families the World Vision served. It will invest in the poor children’s grants, nutrition grants, special circumstances family grants and work with disadvantaged families and youth empowerment and development. Keep Giving Away: The Little Stars Painting Class Drew a Painting that Creates a Warm Atmosphere for SEYI Machinery The collaborative enterprise that has been supporting World Vision Taiwan with long-term effort when handling the Taoyuan talent project, SEYI Machinery often invites internal colleagues to respond to charitable acts and regularly care about children's learning situation. The drawing class children know how to show gratitude. They went to the corporate restaurant area last year to show their creativity and drew a wish tree by adding some warm atmosphere to the room. The wish tree represents hope for 2021. Tony Tseng, the Special Assistant of the Chairman of SEYI Machinery said, “2020 is a turbulent year. SEYI had been supporting the children based in the local area with actions and care. I look forward to bringing warmth to these children and families in need at the end of the year. Thank you for those children bringing warmth to the company and our partners through their works so that 2021 will be a year full of expectation and hope.” Childlike creations also impress the corporate colleagues. They cannot help but say, “When dining, we felt that everything is so refreshing!”
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