Progressive Die

Progressive Die

Progressive die stamping is a process which involves the use of multiple stations within one press.
The part is carried through the die on the strip of metal and the movement must be precise to guarantee the quality of finished parts. A press with good stability and accuracy is critical to this.

SEYI’s mechanical and servo presses are suitable for progressive stamping.
Model selection is dependent on production requirements, materials, and the complexity of part geometry. SEYI servo presses can often provide improved productivity by eliminating unnecessary slide movement, increasing production output, and reducing electrical consumption using our Half Motion (aka Pendulum Motion).

SEYI’s controls easily integrate with peripheral equipment and die protection sensors, ensuring the entire progressive stamping process operates in an efficient and safe manor, creating quality parts.


SEYI SDG2-400 Progressive Stamping Application

  • Location: USA
  • Application: Auto Parts
  • Solution: 400 ton Servo Press by Using Pendulum Motion for Progressive Stamping

SEYI SM2-400 for Progressive Die Stamping

  • Location: China
  • Application: Auto Parts
  • Solution: 400 ton Press with Automatic Coil Feed

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