Work Hard and Be Down to Earth to Look Forward to Another 60 years
SEYI completed production line integration for the “Demonstration Area for Intelligent Manufacture in the Stamping Die Industry” at the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre (MIRDC), in order to join forces with MIRDC to bring about intelligent manufacture with stamping.

In 2015, the SE2 collection of portal eccentric gear press won the "Golden Quality Award" of the highest honor of Taiwan Excellence. For the past 20 years, the first machine tool equipment to win the Taiwan Excellence Golden Quality Award is also a cross-era breakthrough of Taiwan's precision machinery. Next year, the SLG collection of portal crank connecting rod press outperformed and was awarded the Taiwan Excellence Silver Quality Award. In the same year, the SE4 four-point portal eccentric gear weighed 2500 tons that can transfer the press was officially launched for the first time. At the beginning of 2017, we introduced SPS lean management, factory smart production, and provided customers with metal forming automation solutions together with industrial and academic partner. Facing the market trend, Shieh Yi Machinery actively develops a full collection of products made of green and smart servo press. It established the only servo technology R&D center in the domestic industry, expanded the portal large-tonnage press, and provides automation planning services covering peripheral equipment. It enters into the manufacturing industry service, looking forward to providing the best metal forming solutions to the customers, helping them to achieve the best profitable production methods. It creates a win-win situation for industry synergy on the wave of human-machine linkage to perfectly explain the corporate decisive power. In turn, it ranks among the top 5 leading groups of global metal forming machine tools.

In 2003, Shieh Yi Technology Precision Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. officially invested in production. During this period, the company established the Dongguan Branch based in China and Tennessee Branch based in the United States, and then set up the Shieh Yi (Thailand) and Shieh Yi (Europe) Corporations to provide more timely support of sales services for worldwide customers. In 2008, a new type of precision composite servo press was introduced to lead the development trend of high-end presses. In 2009, Ms. Guo Ya-hui became the chairman of the board, leading the company to move forward to the goal of the world's top 5 forming tool machine manufacturers. In 2011, the SAG collection won the Taiwan Excellence Silver Quality Award. In the same year, the servo press was launched for the first time at the TIMTOS exhibition in Taiwan, and it creates repercussions in Japan, the United States, Thailand, and other countries subsequently. In 2012, the company was founded for 5 decades, and it adheres to the action of “Transmuting in Another Half a Century” and the forward-looking spirit of “Pressing Ahead” to achieve the vision of Taiwan's R&D, cross-strait manufacturing and global markets. It heads towards the No. 1 company in the global press industry.

In 1984, it got an A+ for its quality control as a factory. Afterward, it passed ISO-9002, ISO-9001, and ISO-14001 international standards environmental management, and introduced TQM comprehensive quality management system to establish a model of excellence in the industry. Since 1993, it has been marketing the world with SEYI's own brand, and the press products have won many Taiwan Excellence Awards. In 2002, the company established the Shieh Yi Corporation based in United States. In the same year, the stock was traded over the counter.

In 1962, the company only established the Shieh Yi Iron Factory with an amount of NT$200,000 to produce the small-tonnage press. In 1972, the Gueishan Plant was founded. In 1975, it began to produce dozens of high-precision presses. Although the press industry is a "black hand industry," it has taken the lead in the domestic and international markets, following the take-off of Taiwan's economy, and laid the foundation for corporate growth. In 1982, it was renamed Shieh Yi Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. and has been moved to the current Nankang factory.