Innovation is our DNA in SEYI.

We believe that innovation is a whole new vision of breaking traditions and embracing the open mind. Passion and proactive thinking are the motivating force in our culture.
We encourage colleagues to challenge the present and continuously transcend conventional thinking.
With imagination, ambition and courage, all problems at work can be resolved.

All stories of success do not occur by accident, because these are the results generated from group contribution of all colleagues.
If you wish to build a better world with us, welcome aboard!

Chairman & CEO
Claire Kuo

Career Development
In addition to establishment of hardware and investment in R&D technology, the cultivation of talented personnel is the key element of sustainable development for an enterprise. Through training program in category of levels and lessons, SEYI helps to improve knowledge and practical skills of personnel on core of general knowledge, professional skill and management & leadership to cultivate necessary abilities for present and future.
In addition to enhancing abilities via training and lessons, SEYI is open to the rotation of professional positions so all personnel are given opportunity to find suitable post, experience in-depth and enriched work, as well as the journey of cultivation. In this way, the rotation between R&D design, business service, manufacturing and quality assurance units becomes a norm of career development in SEYI. Moreover, we offer salary, benefits, bonus and performance management that comply with market standard, so we can provide environment and conditions that allow space of learning development and well occupational service.
Industry-Academy cooperation
Industry-Academy cooperation
In the machinery industry of high precision and technology, the Industry-Academy cooperation has become an important channel of recruiting and cultivating personnel.
  • Tier format
  • Employment-orientated
  • Industry-Academy cooperation
  • Student internship
  • Summer internship
  • Others (dual-track flagship, short-term internship)
Joyful Experience in SEYI
Club activities
We encourage employees to participate in club activities after work because we care about their physical, mental and spiritual development. Only when there is a harmony among colleagues, can the company then create better performance in operation. At present, there is a cycling club and badminton club in SEYI.
Free lunch
To ensure dinning convenience and nutrition for employees, a staff restaurant is established to provide options of rice and noodles with additional soup and fruits for a healthy diet.
Health management
An in-house nurse is provided and we regularly implement health check-ups for all personnel.
Hearty benefits and staff care
An occupational benefits committee is established to help employees with application of various subsidies such as wedding gift (including wedding of the staff’s children), new residence gift, birth gift, funeral contribution, hospitalization consolation, birthday voucher and festival gifts.
Free parking
Saving you the time looking for parking and the expense.
Story of Growth
Jinrong Jiang
Asst. Engineer-in-Chief / President Office

Pursuit of excellence
As a result of visiting the test run of Hitachi Shipbuilding's large-scale conveyor punch press, I have the idea that Taiwan's stamping industry should have a lot of room for development, and those who have done it. Under the strong invitation of the old chairman, he joined the SEYI team. As the company continues to grow and expand, personal professional knowledge and experience continue to accumulate. I am very happy that my wish of the year has gradually been fulfilled. From the large-scale punching line to the most sophisticated servo punching machine, SEYI has become a world-class manufacturer of stamping equipment. As a SEYI person, you are also honored.

Brand is quality, and the 54-year-old SEYI is loved by customers. Individuals in this big family enjoy the sense of accomplishment of work. When problems and challenges result in breakthroughs and innovations, that joy and satisfaction may be the value of work!

Talent is the best asset of Xieyi. People in Xieyi can work with peace of mind in this big family. Xieyi people and customers, and Xieli factory have positive interactions and become good partners.

The achievement of today's Xieyi. "Although Zhou is an old state, its fate is renewed", there is no best, only better, and the constant pursuit of excellence, the future of Xieyi will have better and more fifty years.

Wenxiong Pan
Section Manager / Mechanical Section

Convert, Change and Transform
Since December 2015, the Machinery Division has held five major engineering and processing technology conferences. Under detailed planning and preparations and continuous innovation and breakthroughs, when the SEL2-1000-ton base processing was completed in the early morning of 2016.4.1, SEYI Taiwan’s All my colleagues are marching towards another milestone-the era of mainframes.

Back in 1997, with 35 years of experience, SEYI relied on the cultural DNA of loyalty, innovation and inheritance, as well as the concept of "seeing the factory as home" of senior technicians, combined with the exquisite technical example, which condensed and influenced the centripetal force of our younger generation. , We use old technology as the basis, supplemented by stimulating new ideas, and jointly establish a new pattern of "Seyi" reputation brand.

When faced with the 2008 financial tsunami, the people of Xieyi realized that only by unity can we break through to exquisite and customized products, and the concept of "exquisite Xieyi" was also conceived---we deeply believe that only produced Only with high-quality machines can our products move toward the company's vision with a boutique image.
In 2016, under the cooperation of processing technology and design and assembly team, SEYI Taiwan successfully produced SEL2-1000 tons of punching parts. We are also confident in the subsequent assembly project. I and SEYI partners have always insisted With diligent professional ability and dedicated attitude, we are brave to face change and face challenges, and hope that we can grow, transform, and fly together with the company.

Dear friends, let us work together and cheer together to advance to the top five in the world~

Yusue Chen
R&D Dep.

I am Xieyiren
Since joining the SEYI RD R&D team, there have been more than 20 heat and cold in a blink of an eye. From basic drawing to design and document management, and models from dry clutch to the latest servo punch, only the electronic control part has not been touched in the research and development work.

The progress of RD can be confirmed from the selection of software, from AUTOCAD-R10, PRO-E... to the latest Solid Works 3D drawing, in addition to meeting the requirements of model design combination simulation, it also reduces design defects and can be used in the development of machines. The first set up operation test and data calculation, etc.; the development of the R&D team and the development of SEYI have grown together, and I am proud of being an RD.

Through organized and systematic guidance, we have accumulated many years of work experience. In addition to shouldering the responsibility of inheritance and guidance, we also sincerely hope that new colleagues can stay in office and have deep roots, and have good development and updated research and development results in the field of punching. SEYI and RD can continue to inherit, advance and make breakthroughs.

Exercise is the best way to relieve stress. The regular sports and competitions of the "badminton club" not only enhance the sense of competition and excitement, but also have the function of networking and balancing work and life. Over the years, I have always encouraged myself to be happy To different challenges.

I am a SEYI person. I love work, travel and enjoy sports.