Tandem Press Line

Tandem Press Line

Tandem press lines are typically used to produce large parts that require multiple operations, such as large or medium inner and outer body panels for automobiles.
Presses, automation and other peripheral items are part of a highly interconnected ecosystem with advanced control integration to optimize the output while guaranteeing quality and safety.


Typical stroke rates for fully automated tandem lines are 12-15 SPM, but if a production rate of more than 15 SPM is required, servo presses are the preferred choice.
Due to the programmable slide movement, servo presses can synchronize with transfer and feeding systems to operate in continuous motion to increase production efficiency.

SEYI provides a complete tandem press line solution after a comprehensive evaluation of customers’ production methods and environment. We provide a systematic and flexible integrated solution, including different types and tonnage presses, to adapt to challenging requirements.

Our Advantages:

  • Simultaneous / Cooperative control for multiple servo presses 
  • Using multiple smaller presses in a tandem line layout can result in lower building height requirements and simpler foundations, reducing facility construction costs.
  • Servo and mechanical presses can be combined into a single line.
By using a tandem line layout, the original transfer die configuration can be changed to one die in each press. This has many advantages from reducing unbalanced loads in the press, allowing each press to run at the optimum setting for that die, improving quality, reducing tool adjustments and setup time, and reducing tool maintenance costs.


SEYI SEL4-1600 + SE4-800 x 2 + SE4-600 x 2 Tandem Press Line with 6-Axis Robots and Automatic Die Change

  • Location: China
  • Application: Large Auto Parts from High Strength Steel
  • Solution: Fully automated line with single button start to reduce idle time and implementation of smart production real-time monitoring.

SEYI SE2-1000 x 1 + SE2-800 x 1 + SE2-600 x 3 Tandem Press Line

  • Location: China
  • Application: High-Strength Steel Auto Parts
  • Solution: Integrated robotic automation and automatic die change

SEYI SLG-1000 x 5 Tandem Press Line

  • Location: Thailand
  • Application: Auto Parts
  • Solution: Integrated robotic automation and automatic die change

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