Blanking Line

Blanking Line

Press blanking lines are widely used to process steel or aluminum into round, square, rectangular, or other shaped parts.
They are typically integrated with a coil processing line and stacking system for highest efficiency. A high-quality blank is the start of a high quality stamped part.

SEYI's presses for blanking lines are selected and customized based on the tooling, production requirements, and complexity of the blanked parts.
Control systems can be integrated with peripheral items such as decoiler, shear, leveler, conveyor, and stacking system, providing a fully automated process. These solutions provide higher output rates, better quality, longer tooling life, and high reliability.


SEYI SE4-800 for Blanking Line

  • Location: Thailand
  • Application: Auto Parts
  • Solution: Press Blanking Line with Magnetic Stacker System

SEYI 8000kN Mechanical Press Blanking Line

  • Location: China
  • Application: Auto Parts
  • Solution: Fully Automated Press Blanking Line

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