Symbiosis for Environmental Sustainability
SEYI Machinery cherishes the land, starting from cherishing Taiwan.
It moves forward towards the world, cares for the earth, and contributes to the earth for sustainability.

Sustainable Manufacturing Process
Recognizing that environmental protection is an essential factor for sustainable business operations, the company has established a corporate environmental management groupto respond to the concept of global environmental protection. The group is dedicated to product design that conforms to the idea of environmental protection, equipment and operating environment improvements, and upgrades to hardware for fire protection. They regularly organize labor safety, health and fire safety trainings. Source of pollution and noise is closely monitored. And in 2017, the factory completed converting to ISO 14001:2015 standards.. The conversion complies with the international standards certification and requirements and has achieved the goal of "zero" ticket within the environment. In the next step, it will introduce the ISO 45001 "Occupational Safety and Health Management System". This standard will strengthen industrial safety notifications, continue the prevention and control of various pollutions, as well as improve occupational safety and health management.

Sustainable Environment

In-line with government regulations on green building site plans, the company will gradually install the energy-saving LED lights in public areas and adjust the lighting to save electricity. Turning off lighting during break times is an example of saving energy. The central air-conditioning via chilled water system is used and is regularly inspected. When the ambient temperature reaches 28°C, the central air will turn on. Recycling bins are placed in every room.Recycled materials such as waste paper, iron-aluminum bottles, and PET bottles are actively sorted. Co-workers are encouraged to utilize other ways to reduce waste. Examples can include using recycled paper, reducing paper waste, and encouraging people to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Here are the carbon emissions statistics for the past two years, the boundary range is the Guishan factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan:

  • 2022 Indirect Carbon Emissions from Energy Use: Water: 2,097 kgCO2e, Electricity: 1,002,721 kgCO2e
  • 2022 Water Consumption: 13,793 kWh
  • 2022 Electricity Consumption: 1,985,700 kWh
  • 2022 Total Waste Weight: 27,600 kg
  • 2022 Greenhouse gas emissions:
    Unit: tons of CO2e


    Scope 1

    Scope 2

    Scope 3





    * Scope 1, 2, and 3 are all Taiwan factory information
    * The greenhouse gas emission intensity of scope 1 and 2 is 0.8911 tons of CO2e/million NTD turnover

  • 2021 Indirect Carbon Emissions from Energy Use: Water: 1,780 kgCO2e, Electricity: 1,065,403 kgCO2e
  • 2021 Water Consumption: 11,837 kWh / Electricity Consumption: 2,100,300 kWh / Total Waste Weight: 28,350 kg