Hot Stamping Line

Hot Stamping Line

To improve fuel efficiency and vehicle safety, some critical auto parts such as door beams, roof rails, body pillars, bumpers, and chassis, are being made from advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) or new composite materials.
Hot Stamping can effectively overcome the two main challenges of AHSS, especially ultra-high strength steel: difficulty to form and excessive spring back. SEYI’s servo presses are proven to be suitable alternatives to hydraulic presses for such applications. SEYI has installed multiple large tonnage servo presses to major Tier-1 automotive suppliers. Customers who have replaced their hydraulic presses with SEYI servo presses are increasing throughput and reducing power consumption.

Slide Movement Comparison of SEYI Servo Press vs Hydraulic Press (10 sec dwell at B.D.C.)

SEYI's powerful servo motors allow the slide to dwell at Bottom Dead Center for an extended amount of time so the heated blank can be formed perfectly and preventing the cracking or wrinkling of material. As seen in the comparison table below, using a SEYI servo press instead of a hydraulic press increases the parts per minute from 5 to 7.5 units, resulting in a significant increase in profit for the manufacturer.

12000kN Press SEYI Servo Press Hydraulic Press
Cycle Times (s) 8 12
Parts/min 7.5 5
Parts/hour 450 300
Parts/year 2,527,200 1,684,800
Profit/year $ 2,527,200 $ 1,684,800
Additional Profit/year $ 842,400
SEYI Servo Press vs Hydraulic Press Comparison in terms of Productivity (Cycle time will vary based on dwell time on heated blank. This example is based on a 5 sec. dwell)

SEYI's internal simulations have found that operating a SEYI servo press provides significant savings on energy costs compared to a similar hydraulic press, often lowering the operating costs by two-thirds or more.

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