Heavy Stamping

Heavy Stamping

Heavy stamping involves stamping material with an above average thickness or material strength.
This process is normally seen in the transportation industry, including automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles. Example parts are clutch covers, steel wheel rims, brake pads, brake drums, and large oil filter end caps.
SEYI’s SM1 series can be used for blanking, punching, bending, and forming on smaller parts in either single hit or progressive dies.
This press is ideal for materials greater than 6 mm (0.24”) thick. The high rigidity structural design and 8-point square gibs allow the SM1 series to produce high quality and high accuracy parts. The Link drive mechanism provides better slide velocity for drawing parts, extending tooling line, and greatly reducing vibration and noise.

SEYI’s latest revolutionary product is the SDM1 series, which is used for thicker materials with stricter requirements for quality and perfectly smooth cutting surfaces. Adding a servo drive to the SM1 series provides fully programmable slide motion and velocity while retaining all the structural design advantages, creating new possibilities for the plate stamping market. The integration with peripherals and automation can be more harmonized, reducing idle time to improve the line production speed.


SEYI SM1-500-1000-1000-500-500-500-500-500 Tandem Line

  • Location: Indonesia
  • Application: Steel Wheel Rims for Automotive Industry
  • Solution: SM1 Tandem line with Automated Transfer System

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