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Journal of Automation Intelligence and Robotics: Beckhoff supports the leading press equipment manuf

SEYI is a leading global manufacturer of medium to large tonnage mechanical and servo presses. To reach smart manufacturing, SEYI integrated Beckhoff Automation Solution into its machinery with PC-based controller and EtherCAT to improve operating efficiency.

Stamping Journal - Air movement equipment manufacturer advances with servo press

New press boosts fan manufacturer’s innovation and expands its stamping capacity

MetalForming Magazine - New Servo Press Optimizes Revenue/Sq. Ft.

The new press line at General Stamping & Metalworks features a 660-ton Seyi servo press, and a Coe feed line equipped with an HD-series (heavy-duty) straightener. Press-bed size, 145 by 61 in., allows the firm to run large, complex progressive dies and, f

FF Journal - AUTO STOP

Manufacturer cuts stroke time in half, performs in-die operations and tackles higher tonnage stampings with servo-forming technology

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun - Boost the Capability of Hot Forming with SEYI Servo Press

Boost the Capability of Hot Forming with SEYI Servo Press Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co. (SEYI), a leading world-class servo press manufacturer makes the significant progress in the servo press industry in hot forming application and has received orders from large manufacturers of automobile parts from Japan, the United States, and Europe. Even though some have pointed out the effectiveness of hot forming process using the hydraulic servo, SEYI is confident in using the dedicated ...

Sheet Metal Forming - SEYI Machinery World-class Brand of Smart Press

SEYI Machinery World-class Brand of Smart Press Authors: Ming-Hsing Liu, Ssu-Chieh Wang, Chien Li, Presses are widely used in all different industries such as automobiles, household electrical appliances, hardware, electronics, building materials, etc., for stamping sheet metal parts of different material, from pieces as small as watch pointers to ones as large as automotive cover panels and space capsules of spacecraft. The press industry has been a highly competitive industry, w...

FFJournal - Taking the plunge

Broan-NuTone LLC dives deep to bring automation to its press room

MetalForming Magazine - Link-Motion Proves To Be a Business Booster

The company uses mechanical, hydraulic and link-motion presses at each of its locations, but it recently went big in New Mexico with the installation of an 1100-ton link-motion press from Tullahoma, TN-based SEYI-America.

International Sheet Metal Review - STAMP OF APPROVAL

Sheet metal professionals must work with customers on ways to meet automotive design requirements for safety, comfort, power-saving and eco-friendliness.

Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News - SEYI Machinery & ABB Sign Partnership For Stamping Automation

Metal stamping machine supplier SEYI Machinery has entered a partnership with industrial robotics manufacturer ABB to offer metal stamping automation system.

Umformtechnik Magazine – SEYI kooperiert mit Industrierobotik-Anbieter ABB

Der taiwanesische Stanzmaschinenbauer Seyi Shieh Yih hat mit Automations- und Robotik-Spezialist ABB strategische Zusammenarbeit vereinbart. Ziel ist, hochproduktive Lösungen für die Blechbearbeitung zu entwickeln und zu realisieren.

Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News - Innovation drives stamping systems forward

Metal stamping machine tools are seeing updates with new servo motor technology and intelligent machines.

International Metalworking News for Asia - SEYI broadens footprint in aerospace industry

In early 2016, SEYI presented in full capacity its pressing machines during Aerospace Industrial Technology Matching in Taichung.

산업일보 - [TIMTOS 2017] SEYI, 첨단 기술로 전문성 쌓는다

대만은 일본, 한국과 함께 아시아 공작기계 시장에서 자신만의 입지를 굳혀 나가고 있는 기술강국으로 성장해 가고 있다. 이에 본지는 3월 7일부터 12일까지 대만에서 개최되는 TIMTOS 2017에 취재진을 파견, 현재 제조업계의 이슈가 되고 있는 인더스트리 4.0 개념이 접목되고 있는 세계 공작기계 시장의 흐름을 파악해 독자들에게 전달하고자 한다.

FF Journal - Going for the win

Fabricator invests in servo technology to capture larger market share

FF Journal - Input Output

Installation of a Seyi-built direct-drive 440-ton servo press is a key puzzle piece in Mico's development of its smart die technology.

ISMR - Quick on the draw

"This year, SEYI Presses Europe doubled its turnover and its managing director, Michael Juhl, expects a further doubling of turnover in 2016"

EM - We are implementing smart plant concepts

We provide smart production solutions, instead of single press machine by working with customers, to begin with the design of customised manufacturing solutions that raises the capabilities of customer production lines. The areas include pressing machinery to robotic arms to feeding and conveying equipment. We change our business practices into the service-oriented thinking to strengthen competitive advantage of the customers, instead of only selling equipment to the customer. That makes us a ...

Priceless News - New Press Increases Production Efficiency

This project has more than doubled the production capacity of this line

Int’l Metalworking News for Asia – SEYI CEO on Metal forming and its future

Human resources is also key. Acorporation is composed of people, and only if we can deal with people can we grow stronger.

MECHANIK - TAIWAN - World Leader in Manufacturing Machine Tools

SEYI - The Leading Company in Stamping Press Industry Presses are an important, though not ascendant, component of the machine tool industry. The SEYI company is a very good example of development in metal stamping business industry. Constant progress is achieved with bringing a new innovative patents and technological solutions. Main target for SEYI is to take a leading position in the press manufacturing market. SEYI has existed for over 45 years. Main activity of the company i...


Sales in China are driving growth at SEYI. Claire Kuo,Chairman and CEO of SEYI, is positioning the company toexploit Chinese automotive market potential next....