Manitowoc Tool & Manufacturing, LLC Continues to Increase Stamping Capacity with SEYI’s Press Solution

Manitowoc Tool & Manufacturing, LLC (MTM) is a family-owned company in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, that began constructing stamping dies in 1965. MTM now occupies 200,000 square feet of temperature-controlled manufacturing space with 24/7 metal stamping operations. The company provides the design & building of tools and dies along with production metal stamping, fabrication, and assembly for customers across the United States and other regions.

SEYI as a Reliable and Agile Partner

In 2014, MTM began the relationship by purchasing their first 440-ton SEYI press. MTM has since added several SEYI presses, ranging in size from 176 tons to 880 tons. SEYI now accounts for 12 of MTM’s 28 stamping press, with this number only growing. Just within the last two years, MTM added three mechanical presses (660-ton, 330-ton, and 176-ton) and one 330-ton servo press from SEYI. This is all thanks to MTM’s continuous growth and pursuit of the most efficient and cost-competitive solutions.


From Left to Right: SEYI’s 176ton & 275ton C frame press (SN1-176, SN2-275) and 330ton Straight Side Mechanical Press (SAG2-330)

(Photo Credit: Manitowoc Tool & Manufacturing, LLC)

“We have been incredibly happy with the support and capability of SEYI presses. In the manufacturing industry, we need partners whom we can rely on and who can support us at a moment’s notice – with SEYI, we have that,” said MTM’s Sales Manager.


880ton Straight Side Mechanical Press

(Photo Credit: MTM)                    

MTM runs a wide variety of parts for numerous industries. These parts include LED lighting, on-highway trucking, large panels, small electronic components, etc. The manufacturing sector needs to be very flexible to deal with different types of materials, different levels of thickness, hardness, and part complexity.

“With SEYI, we have the versatility to handle any and all parts requirements and remain agile to changes in designs.”

MTM has recently emphasized “Smart Stamping” with its forward-thinking investment in manufacturing capacities. For example, the implementation of robot technology makes the production process predictable, reduces downtime during the operation, and utilizes the workforce. Additionally, over the past six months, a 660-ton SEYI press with a transfer system and multiple presses with conveyor systems have been installed. As a result, better quality, better efficiency, and better delivery time can be met with different customer needs, ranging from 10,000 to millions of pieces.


A 660-ton SEYI press with transfer system  (Photo Credit: MTM) 

The Implementation of the First SEYI Servo Press

MTM now manufactures complex projects that require numerous small stampings to be assembled. Traditionally, hardware such as screws, springs, and bolts was needed for post-processing – a time-consuming and inefficient process. In 2021, SEYI introduced its servo technology to MTM to reduce post-processing work.

“The servo technology offers us incredibly efficient processing of small components within our facility.”

As the servo motor provides precise control of slide movement and forming speed, it allows users to design the stamping profiles and slide motions based on their different requirements on materials, part geometry, and applications. The servo press helps MTM stamp various materials with high precision and speeds while using less energy. In addition, MTM paired the servo press with a nut insertion machine to maximize efficiency by automatically feeding nuts into the stamping die. The machine then fastens the nuts into the stamped metal component, providing more possibilities to offer an incredibly competitive solution for customers.


The First Servo Press SEYI SD2-330

(Photo Credit: MTM)

What’s Next?

MTM just announced the plans for expansion and job growth in the city of Manitowoc. A brand new 42,500 sq ft building will be built for warehousing and manufacturing operations. Construction is set to begin in the summer of 2022. The company currently has 250 employees but plans to add 10 – 20 employees in the next few years. As MTM continues its growth, its press capacity and amount are sure to increase. Further, the replacement of dated equipment will be done with new stamping technology.

“SEYI has been a great partner to us, and we plan to continue upon our relationship as such.”