Smart Stamping Solution

Smart Stamping Solution

The growing adoption of digital technologies such as industrial IoT, autonomous robots, and big data analytics, are all part of the fourth industrial revolution and are the primary driving factors for the growth of smart manufacturing.
As part of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), machines with connectivity and integrated with automation systems are critical. SEYI has developed our Smart Stamping Solution with the foundation of smart machinery to help our customers further realize smart production and smart management based on their needs.
Utilizing a central control system deployed through the press line via Internet of Things, all the data about the conditions of the presses and peripherals can be collected and organized in a database.
Additionally, tonnage monitoring, die protection, the status of motors, temperature, lubrication, and power consumption can all be traced. This automatic monitoring reduces the likelihood of human error. Using remote diagnosis, service troubleshooting can be less time-consuming and less expensive, and can improve production efficiency.

The system can generate multiple reports, such as OEE and yield rate, allowing the management team to compare actual data with planning. This can help users move toward a more accurate decision making process and optimize production scheduling.


SEYI Tandem Press Line with Smart Stamping Solution

  • Location: China
  • Application: Large Auto Parts from High Strength Steel
  • Solution: Fully automated line with single button start to reduce idle time and implementation of smart production real-time monitoring.

Intelligent Manufacturing Demo Site for Metal Stamping & Tooling Industry

  • Location: Traditional Industry Innovation and Value-added Center of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan
  • Application: Advanced High-Strength Steel and Composites
  • Solution: 
    • A fully automated press line with a SD2-400 servo press integrated with peripherals that include a blank destacker, feeders, robots, and 3D scanners for quality inspection. 
    • A cloud platform for virtual tool & die testing, tool & die development database, and online tool & die diagnosis (provided by Metal Industry Research & Development Center)