Straight Side Crank Servo Press (SDG Series)
The best features for model SDG includes drawing, forming, blanking, punching and cutting of automotive parts, which comply and satisfy the trend and application of steel parts with light weight but high tensile strength in modern automotive industry. In addition, by combining progressive die with pendulum curve, the productivity can possibly be doubled, which saves more than 50% of energy.


  • Powerful direct drive transmission with flexible and easy-to-use
    operating system.
  • Suitable for high tensile strength steel product.
  • Tie-rod structure for minimal deflection, accurate parts and
    machine durability.
  • Design makes it easy to integrate automation.
  • Saving energy and environmental friendly.
  • Crank type design. Up to 2 times of productivity for progressive
    tooling with swinging (pendulum) motion.


Application Example
Application Example
  • The combination of pendulum mode with optimized processing speed increases precision of product forming and the productivity at the same time.
  • Product: Oil coolant for automotive engine
  • Customer: Auto accessory industry in Mexico
SDG+Automation (A 3-in-1 leveling feeder, Quick Die Changing System, Scrap conveyor)
    • Introduction on Servo Press
    • Servo Press – Spring Back Control
    • Servo Press – Deep Drawing
    • Servo Press – Fine Blanking