Straight Side Crank Press (SAG Series)
This model adopts design of central driving and 8-point guided slide that increase eccentric loading capability by 20%. It is applicable for blanking, punching, bending and forming process of large multi-process thin panels, which can even work independently, connectively or paired up with the transfer device for production over the whole line.
  • Designed with tie-rod structure on the frame for minimal deflection enhance machine durability with accurate parts.Design makes it easy to integrate automation.
  • Excellent performance in automatic feed, progressive die or single stroke applications.
  • The SAG slide is guided with 8-point guided slide and adjusted with eccentric bolts.
  • Stand-alone operating console, intuitive read outs and easy to use, convenient, controls.


Straight Side Crank Press_SAG series_Auto parts
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Specification(imperial) SAG Series