SEYI Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary with the Launch of ESG Vision Project

(From Left to Right: Wen-Hsien Hsu, Honorary Chairman of the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association; Betsy Shieh, Deputy Commercial Chief, American Institute in Taiwan; Ching-Chang Lien, Director General of the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA; Ya-Hui Kuo, Chairman of SEYI; Jong-chin Shen, the Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan; Simon Wang, the Secretary General of the TAITRA and Tsan-Wen Wei, Chairman, Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry at SEYI 60th anniversary celebration.)

SEYI has thrived in recent years despite various changes in the market. Founded in 1962, in conjunction with Taiwan's economic boom, cutting-edge development and sustainable service has been the cornerstone of SEYI’s corporate spirit and culture for 60 years. "We cannot use the old map to explore the new world", states Ms. Ya-Hui Kuo, SEYI's Chairman. By doing so, she expects SEYI to accomplish its mission: innovative use of technology to enrich people’s lives. The company must be agile and transformative to grasp future opportunities.

"The FUTURE is NOW" and "SEYI 60: Working Together to Reach Greater Heights " has been the central theme when celebrating  the company’s 60th anniversary. This year, SEYI launched the ESG Vision Project and continues to implement the philosophy of sustainable development in our daily operations based on the three elements: "Environmental (E)", "Social (S)" and "Governance (G)."



From the “Environmental (E)” perspective, with an upward trend in environmental protection and carbon neutrality, SEYI is committed to offering eco-friendly products.As a result, we have become the first stamping press manufacturer awarded a TÜV certificate with its servo presses, in accordance with the Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

SEYI’s servo presses are engineered with an energy-saving and environmentally friendly design. Without a flywheel, our direct-drive transmission design reduces energy consumption while achieving better accuracy and energy efficiency. Additionally, SEYI’s air-cooled system significantly saves on power and water consumption, improving upon others’ water-cooled approach. Moreover, power leveling can prevent the instantaneous peak current from occurring by using the power unit. This allows energy to regenerate and return to a capacitor bank while the slide decelerates, allowing the electrical power to be recycled for later use. Compared to a traditional press, SEYI’s servo press cuts power consumption by 30 percent or more, resulting in substantial savings in power bills and reductions towards the carbon footprint of end products.

From the "Social (S)" perspective, SEYI will continue the academic-industrial cooperation for talent cultivation. In 2021, the first “SEYI Cup” competition was held with the topic: "servo press stamping process design ad CAE simulation analysis." More than 30 teams from 9 universities participated. This year, SEYI hosted a second "SEYI Cup," which saw similar success. As a result, SEYI will continue supporting academic research to reinforce its technology development. 

SEYI also adheres to the concept, “Take from society, Give back to society.” SEYI has cooperated with World Vision for many years by supporting charity events and education aid for children. Internally, talents are the company's most valuable assets, and various employee wellness program have been developed for a long time.

From the "Governance (G)” perspective, for internal governance, reshaping organizational culture with the new concepts of digital transformation and value engineering is the first priority of business transformation. Regarding external collaboration, SEYI has consolidated diversified resources from industry, academia, and research institutes and built up business alliance with suppliers and agents. SEYI also works together with local partners to provide professional service with technical and maintenance support . A complete sales, service and distribution network allows SEYI to offer a comprehensive range of products and immediate technical support to its customers worldwide.

Looking ahead to the next 60 years, SEYI aims for the century mark and beyond. By adjusting continuously, SEYI is committed to building up innovative technology and service capabilities that exceed market trend and customer needs, creating new momentum for the company’s growth.