SEYI Displays Presses Featuring Smart, Low Energy Consumption Technology at TIMTOS 2013

SEYI (SHIEH YIH MACHINERY) (4533 TT), the world-renowned producer of metal forming machines and Taiwan’s leading press brand is displaying the Straight Side Direct Drive Servo Press, Series SD1 and SD2, winner of the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2012 and 2013, at the Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS) 2013. The Numerically Controlled Die Cushion (NDC) featured in the SD1-300 receives particular industry attention. SEYI sets the industry standard for the integration of Smart, Low Energy Consumption Features into its design and technology for servo press development, making SEYI the brightest star in the world of stamping machinery. SEYI’s objective is to become one of the world’s top five metal forming machinery brands.

SEYI, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, is working to achieve its vision of “Making Taiwan its global value-chain operation center with comprehensive efforts in development, production, global sales/marketing, service and operational management.” SEYI’s servo presses are highly-integrated, exquisitely designed, durable, smart, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They feature the latest user-friendly interfaces, safe system designs and robust machine structures. SEYI servo motors are specifically designed for the stamping press application featuring very high torque at low rotational speeds. Their stylish exterior designs differentiate them in the market and communicate their quality and value.

During TIMTOS 2013, SEYI is displaying its SD1-160 and SD2-200 servo presses and peripherals at booth #E0422, Exhibition Hall 2. SEYI demonstrates the capability of its servo press to reduce power consumption by half while doubling production capacity (employing pendulum slide motion, compared to a SEYI mechanical press). The combination of the SD1-300 and Numerically Controlled Die Cushion (NDC) is testament to SEYI’s advanced servo press technology and strong development capability. SEYI’s recently launched NDC is an innovation resulting from the industry’s requirement for low energy consumption combined with higher production. The following five features allow this technology to meet the current and future requirements of the metal forming industry:

1.Direct drive motors reduce maintenance and eliminate the need for hydraulic units, their control circuits and the additional space they consume.

2.Servo motors double as generators during die cushion compression to recapture energy that is normally wasted. Thus, NDC are far more energy efficient than traditional hydraulic or gas cushions.

3.The direct drive motor design can be installed on the machine structure, providing greater tonnage within a smaller footprint.

4.The pre-run function can reduce noise and increase die life by controlling force and speed throughout the forming cycle.

5.Precise control of locking, pull-down and knock out functions results in highly accurate parts.

SEYI is expanding its Total Solution Service emphasizing peripherals such as feed mechanisms, transfer equipment and other ancillaries to maximize SEYI press productivity for its clients. Based on a client’s application, SEYI can provide suggestions on production optimization to assist in maximizing production while maintaining or improving quality.

SEYI chairman and CEO Claire Kuo says, “Reduction in power requirement and carbon emission are global trends. While every kind of product is becoming smaller, thinner and lighter, the standards and requirements for manufacturing equipment are becoming higher. In addition to introducing power efficient technologies, SEYI is creating unlimited possibilities for the press industry with its best in class critical components, high value price and short delivery time. Taiwan is the world’s third largest export nation, and TIMTOS is a very important exhibition in the industry. SEYI will showcase its unique machine tools to the world’s buyers at TIMTOS. Our ambition is to become one of the world’s top five for metal forming machine brand while making Taiwan’s production industry a shining star.”

TIMTOS 2013 is taking place at Exhibition Hall 2 of Taiwan World Trade Center during March 5 – 10. It is expected that TIMTOS 2013 attendance will be 40,000 Taiwanese and international visitors. In addition to displaying its products and technology, SEYI will hold seminars everyday on “Low Energy Consumption and Smart Servo Production Solutions”. SEYI’s booth at TIMTOS 2013 is located at booth #E0422 at Exhibition Hall 2. For more information, please visit: .