As a world’s leading press manufacturer, SHIEH YIH MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (SEYI) demonstrated its efforts and commitment in nurturing professional machinery talents. On July 6, 2011, Mr. Cyrus Kuo, General Manager of SEYI, as a representative of SEYI, participated in the donation ceremony. The dean of College of Engineering, Dr. Chiun-Hsun Chen, as a representative of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), accepted a NT$ 5 million valued Servo Presses to provide practice and education opportunities benefit to students.

SEYI, one of the most famous mechanical press producers, and the only one listed company (4533 TT) among forming machine tools makers in Taiwan, devoted itself to a long-term technology research and development to build up all kinds of precision, speedy and systematical presses. Furthermore, it was with great honor that rewarded Industrial Technology Advancement Award and Award of Excellent by Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.. The stamping press donated to NCTU equipped with servo motor technology and changeable 160-tonf presses. This servo presses is applicable to interchange expected stroke, position, speed, timing and packing curve data. The motion of drift is controlled by linear scale then feedback to motor for driving, and to be provided a better accuracy of bottom dead center than traditional ones to achieve an excellent effective processing.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at NCTU has many years experience on research and development forming processing, mechanism design, process research and control. The chairman of Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Ching-Hua Hung said that with the cutting-edge servo presses would not only provide a research effective implement, but also create an educational chance closer to advance technology in the industry.

In order to enhance the development of pressing industry, NCTU will continue to work industry-university cooperative research program with SEYI, unveiling in-depth academic research and achievements to enhance machine tools industry development.