It brought together industry-university professional and technical breakthroughs in steel plate innovation applications which have infinite possibilities to help customers integrate with future trends.

May 29, 2018, Taipei - As various countries signed agreements like "the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change," environmental protection has become an eternal subject for various countries, coupled with that fuel economy regulations around the world becoming increasingly stringent, so the lightweight vehicle body is the primary goal of structural rationalization. The world-famous manufacturer of metal forming machine tools – SEYI Machinery (4533TT), together with National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) and auto parts manufacturer – Honley Auto. Parts Co., Ltd., co-organized the “HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH STEEL STAMPING TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR” to provide the high-tension steel plate forming application technology and under the premise to ensure the strength, rigidity, mode, and safety functions of the vehicle, it is possible to convert more rigid materials and new manufacturing methods to solve the needs of lightweight vehicles.

Dr. Hsu Kuei-Chang of SEYI opened the prelude of seminar with the title of “Introduction of 1500MPa High Tension Steel Plate Cold Forging Forming.” Different from the traditional way of forming high-tensile steel plates with hot stamping technology, the SEYI uses servo presses for cold forging forming test of 1500MPa high-tensile steel plates. Through the controllability of servo motors, the punch can be processed at a low speed according to the punching curve of the set parameters. Repeatedly forge and hold pressure for a few seconds at a specified position in a press manner, so that the material has ample time to form. The test results show that metal forming stamping through the servo press not only can improve the spring back amount produced during processing, reduce the loss of molds and materials, effectively reduce the customer's production cost, but also provide innovative metal forming thinking, making the high tension cold forging forming of steel sheet become possible.

The Subsequently Assistant Professor Kuo Chun-Chih from NKUST discussed the “Study on Servo Extension Forming of High-strength Steel Plates.” He discussed the influence of different punching curve patterns on the extension forming ability of high-strength steel sheets and in combination with the stamping forming analysis software, simulated different servo forming motion curve mode results. At last, the servo press forming experiment and verification were done with the carrier. It was proven that it is necessary to form the high strength steel plate with the servo press, and break through the bottleneck that the high strength steel plate faces in the development of the stamping die and the mass production of parts.

The new generation of high-performance car design and manufacturing requires the support of advanced high-strength steel materials. Through the rich experience of the company itself, Mr. Cheng Ping-Kuo, vice president of Honley Auto. Part, shared the current state and development trend of domestic and foreign industries and by “Hot Stamping Forming Technology and Applications,” detailed explanations were given on hot stamping forming technology, vehicle industry applications and the development status of hot stamping forming industry in Taiwan.

In order to provide customers with the actual experience of using high-strength steel plate presses, also performed the deep drawing, rebound control and fine blanking of SEYI servo presses at the site to help industrial customers on how to use the new generation of SEYI servo presses to propose a new metal processing solution for high tension steel plates when facing difficult-to-machine materials, forming processes and molds designing and other restrictions, to assist customers in combination with future metal forming trends.