SEYI Intelligent Stamping System Unlimited Possibilities for Metal Formability


With the upcoming Industry 4.0 trend, the world famous metal stamping machine tool brand- SEYI (Shieh Yih) Machinery (4533TT) will introduce you to “Enriching Life through Innovation and Technology”. This exhibit shows how new servo technology and intelligent machines can be helpful to optimize the daily-used products in human life. See us at booth Q0362 of EXPO Dome at Taipei Park, during TIMTOS 2017 Taipei International Machine Tool Show.

Unlimited Possibilities – New Intelligent Stamping System Generation

With the great growth of the automotive market around the world and the challenges of intelligent manufacturing, SEYI focuses on sustainable development for human beings and the earth, by exploiting our professional field for metal stamping technology, and reducing the required energy for intelligent manufacturing. After the successful projects of a 400 ton straight side servo press and an 800 ton straight side eccentric gear servo press, with top automotive OEM Daimler Group in year 2016, we will complete an 800 ton straight side servo press for Tesla Motors in USA. “The Automotive industry has always been one of the fastest growth engines for SEYI. We will continue to work with customers in this industry, and focus on Tier 1 and 2 OEM customers. By offering more advanced metal forming solutions and gradually increasing energy sustainability, we keep moving toward our target of becoming a Global top 5 stamping press manufacturer in the near future!” said Chairman and CEO Ms. Claire Kuo.

Industry 4.0 has become the developing trend in the manufacturing industry. To respond to the market trend and the new generation of completely intellectual manufacturing system, SEYI continuously improves our green and intelligent servo press, upgrades straight side large crank press, integrates automation system, and develops “Intelligent Press Line Management System” for better intelligent manufacturing solutions applied to metal formability.

For TIMTOS 2017 Taipei International Machine Tool Show, SEYI has prepared 3 main themes in the booth:

1. Servo Technology; Future Infinity: SEYI’s servo press has widely accepted by world-class customers. The servo press is equipped with a compact fan-cooling servo motor that can generate high torque at a low speed, no extra speed reduction mechanism design is necessary to assure high accuracy of stamping parts. In addition, SEYI servo press can apply a vibration motion curve, which is a unique feature compared to our competitors; this motion is especially suitable for deep drawing and creating diverse metal parts. Another highlight is the pendulum curve motion that increases productivity up to 100%; the highest reachable speed is 170 S.P.M., which represents the best level in the industry. SEYI servo press is an advanced and productive machine, efficient at extending tooling life, good at lowering noise and energy cost and excels at creating unlimited possibilities for metal part formability which led to create new standards of top class servo presses in the world.

2. Total Automation Solution: SEYI strives to provide customers with complete intelligent stamping system solutions, and already had solutions for tandem lines leaded by 1200~2400 tons presses. We can offer 2 or 4 point crank presses, link presses, programmable servo presses etc., to meet the requirements of customer’s production. We are also capable of providing suggestions on special specifications design, manufacture and delivery according to customer production environment. SEYI can also integrate one bar, robot, etc. transfer systems, material input and conveyer equipment. We have applied intelligent production and management to serve our customers with complete servo stamping system and automation integration to optimize customer’s manufacture.

3. Intelligent Manufacturing Application Technology: Intelligent plant is currently a trend. Therefore, SEYI has been developing “Intelligent Press Line Management Systems” which can manage all necessary production items, including operator, machine, tooling, maintenance, process etc., by internal communications among facilities, integration of hardware and software, big data, analysis on Cloud, set up of IoT, to meet client’s requirements. Production will be improved from current automatic system to efficient intelligent system via building up a production plan which can be adjusted timely and correctly as well as monitoring the full production processes.

Transfer to Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Targeting to be Top 5 of the World

Industry 4.0 has become one of the government policies, and China is also focusing on “Made in China 2025”. When facing with the new challenges brought by new industrial revolution, SEYI always focus on developing the technology of an intelligent stamping machine, in both software and hardware, continually upgrading technology and advanced service capabilities. SEYI has been developing complete press line systems with green and intelligent features, founded the first servo technology R&D center in Taiwan, broaden the straight side large press line and offer complete automation system solutions. Now SEYI is entering the new era of servitization in the manufacturing industry, and expects to present our customers with the best metal forming solutions which are helpful to obtain the most profitable manufacturing modes, and create a win-win effect. SEYI is targeting to become the top 5 world leading metal stamping machine tool suppliers, with this latest industrial revolution which emphasizes the cooperation between human being and machine.