SEYI Machinery《The Upgrade in Automotive Manufacturing》- New Product Introduction

Manufacturing Intelligence – Marching to be the Top 5 Global Brand in Stamping Equipment

On 5/19-5/20, SEYI, announced new products in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China in an effort to upgrade automotive manufacturing. SEYI is an internationally prestigious manufacturer of metal forming machines and the leading precision metal stamping brand in Taiwan. The new products aim to provide professional metal forming and stamping solutions to customers in the automotive industry.

Forming the Parts for the Road Ahead

In order to meet the need of the strong automotive market in the world and the rising automotive accessory market in China, in the year of 2002, SEYI set up factories in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China to provide more effective support to the industry. Since then the automotive industry sales have exceeded 50% of SEYI’s total sales revenue. SEYI is now part of the main automotive manufacturing chain in Europe, America, Japan, and China. It is the automotive market that drives the tremendous growth in SEYI in recent years. Chairman & CEO of SEYI-Group, Ms. Claire Kuo believes that SEYI’s future in becoming the top five stamping equipment brands in the world will soon be fulfilled with the following: SEYI’s robust customer relation management in the automotive industry, the continuous bridging between the first and second tier automotive manufactures, and the positive energy gained from the market transformation and growth.

Furthermore, SEYI has successfully assisted a customer in Tianjin to advance from a second tier supplier to the most competitive first tier supplier with the SE4-2500 ton metal press. Using the new 2,500 ton press along with the SE2-800 ton and 500 ton press, the customer is able to work with high tensile strength steel. This customer was now able to follow the industry trend of stronger materials. For example, the moving bolster of the SE4-2500, when set up with the automated production system, could enhance the production efficiency reaching 30 S.P.M. A double the yield rate and elevated the quality of the pressed metals.

Car Sheet Metal Stamping and Fabrication

The SE & SAG series are designed for large sheet metal part forming in the auto industry and continuous punching designs. Both series can help provide the solution for the new high tensile strength materials in the auto industry. These presses can more effectively improve the precision and quality of stamped products. In other applications, the SE series can also be used for large sheet metal and frame reinforcement products. The presses can be used as the first press in an automotive stamping line and therefore, have better production efficiency compared to hydraulic machines. The SEYI presses can also integrate automation to provide tooling and semi-finished parts with automatic transferring. SAG is designed with a central drive and eight gibs. The press can also effectively press an eccentric load up to a 20% increase, which can be used for large projects with thin sheet metal parts. Therefore, it is able to do multiple tasks including, punching, bending and forming. The press can be set up in tandem with multiple presses and have automated transfers set up, making this press a multi-purpose press.

Cutting Edge Thick Metal Manufacturing

SEYI’s SM1 & SM2 series are for thicker sheet metal parts and components that are required in the automobile industry. These presses can meet the high precision and heavy loads of thick sheet metal stamping production. The SM1 is designed with a special eight-punch guide design, a very rigid frame, and a connecting rod-driven structure. This is suitable for thick sheet metal stamping operations under heavy load conditions, which can increase productivity by up to 40%. The features of the SM2 are as follows: connecting rod structure, high rigid frame, a special dynamic balance system, and an eccentric load design. The press can reduce vibration and noise during rapid press production. The accuracy and capacity of stamping has also been improved. In particular, this press is suitable for small parts from progressive dies or a single job with a thick steel sheet metal part that’s above 6mm that requires punching, bending, forming, and or other heavy duty stamping requirements.

Shaping the Future through Servos

At the exhibition, servo presses were presented to show the customers examples of high productivity and environment friendly presses. The unique power saving ability of servo systems can lower noise & increase energy savings by using recyclable energy generated by the press. In addition, you can control the stamping stroke accurately by adjusting the operational curve that is best suited for each production job. Today, these key advantages can specifically apply for industries that need stamping of special composites or high rigid metal materials. The automobile industry, again, can look to servo presses for special molding and deep drawing jobs especially as the industry moves towards the "light & thin" trend. Using all the above advantages, the servo press series can greatly increase productivity by increasing effectiveness of production. Customers not only profit from the press but also the environment with energy savings.

Manufacturing Intelligence. A New Force in Transition

The evolution of new manufacturing materials and service is now taking happening in the world. Intelligent manufacturing, robots, IoT(Internet of Things), green production are the four key trends that are linked together to give the industry a new look at all things connected. This will create endless opportunities and high efficiencies. Facing the challenges of Industry 4.0 and a “Smart Factory” in 2025, the integration of communication and control, and IoT configuration are what SEYI will be facing. These challenges will create new models of intelligent manufacturing and services. From a manufacturing point of view, the major demand in the future market is in small quantities of large varieties. This puts to test the flexibility and speed of manufacturing equipment. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to increase the stability and reliability of production while having sound maintenance of tools and equipment. The focus in obtaining production efficiency will also shift from just a single machine’s efficiency to the entire production line or of whole factory efficiency. The IoT technology at the manufacturing site could be integrated and communicated among press machines, robots, and peripheral devices of material transferring and QA systems. This could connect upwardly to manufacture management systems and even exchange critical information with vendors. The Smart Factory’s dependency is on intelligent equipment and at its core the ability to obtain useful information in order to directly communicate among other types of equipment.

Following this trend, SEYI has successfully developed smart services for their customers. This includes same time reporting of production progress online, the flexible work order prioritization to ensure scheduled delivery, time efficient and errorless automated preparation. SEYI also has quality monitoring and assurance during production phase, preventative diagnostic maintenance of the equipment and tooling, and the integration of information from the whole factory line. Reporting is done through an ERP upper management system. All these procedures are to obtain effective utilization rate of production. SEYI also actively integrates customers, supply chain, and industrial value creation to structure a win-win relationship among parties.

SEYI Pressing Forward to Becoming Top Five in The World

Facing the development challenges and new outlook of Industry 4.0, SEYI insists on its core business strategies. These strategies include strengthening the sales and service of hardware products, enhancing the development of product development and technology, and also streamlining software as a service to identify customers’ application needs, so that SEYI can provide the products that addresses those needs. To follow the market direction, SEYI constructively develops a series of pressing machine servers that integrate green and intelligent production, growths in large tonnage rigid frame press machines for thick metal stamping, and provide services in automation planning that cover peripheral equipment. With these efforts, SEYI is now a manufacturer with a focus on service and expects to provide the best metal stamping solution to customers in order to stand out among the competitors in this fourth industrial revolution.

“I believe with a clear direction of management, SEYI will poise as a true champion in the near future and deliver high profitability year after year” as stated by Chairman and CEO, Claire Kuo. Taking on the challenge of future market competition and the complexity of metal stamping materials, SEYI will continue catching the wave of the evolution of metal pressing and stamping equipment, to integrate resources of industry chains, and to implement comprehensive solutions. These solutions to customers are not only for their best production plan, but to be the most profitable manufacturing method, in order to create a win-win production method for them. One of SEYI’s goals is to become the top five metal press machine leader in the world.