Taipei, Taiwan SEYI (SHIEH YIH MACHINERY) (4533 TT), one of the world’s leading producers of mechanical presses, and Taiwan’s leading metal-press manufacturer, will be displaying a full range of innovative manufacturing solutions for the automotive industry at the Taipei International Machine Tool Show 2015 (TIMTOS) to be held on March 3 through 8. SEYI’s metalworking solutions will be on display at Booth E0038 in the restyled EXPO Dome of the Taipei Expo Park.


Driving Success With Leading Automotive Partners

Founded in 1962, SEYI has been serving automotive customers worldwide for more than 50 years. In recent years, volumes in the global automotive industry and car markets have grown significantly---particularly in emerging economies such as China—motivating automakers to invest in production facilities near the market.

Recognizing this trend at an early stage, SEYI established a production facility in the city of Kunshan, Jiangsu Province in the People’s Republic of China in 2002. Together with its factory in Taiwan, SEYI thereby positioned itself to serve its traditional customer base, while at the same time, expanding its ability to serve rapidly growing automakers in China. Thirteen years later, the strategy is paying off. 

In 2014, sales to automotive customers in China made up more than 50% of SEYI’s revenue, firmly establishing SEYI’s position in the global automotive supply chain. With manufacturing in Kunshan, SEYI has now added Ford from the United States; Toyota, Honda and Nissan from Japan; Kia from Korea; as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 auto suppliers from France and Germany, as key customers.

According to Claire Kuo, Chairman and CEO of SEYI, "Sales to the automotive industry have become SEYI’s biggest growth driver. With steady management and our developing relationships with the world’s leading automakers, I believe that SEYI can rank among the world’s Top-5 metal forming press manufacturers by 2017.”

Transforming From A “Manufacturer” To A “Total Solution Provider”

At TIMTOS 2015, SEYI will unveil machines that address four major industrial themes, illustrating how SEYI has transformed from a press manufacturer into a leading provider of total metalworking solutions.

1. Servo Press Technology: In response to customer needs and demand for green manufacturing concepts, SEYI has designed and developed its Straight Side Direct Drive Servo Press Series SD1 and SD2. At TIMTOS 2015, demonstrations by SEYI engineers will describe the features that place SEYI at the forefront of servo research and development. Company engineers will demonstrate the benefits of the SEYI-designed/SEYI-built, low speed/high torque servo motor, equipped with an all-new servo motor drive shaft, advanced servo controller, and a user friendly interface. Attendees will witness the infinite forming possibilities of pendulum motion, free motion, and SEYI’s unique vibration motion. Through the demonstrations, attendees will understand how SEYI’s smart, energy-saving, eco-friendly servo presses are setting a new global standard for precision, performance, and usability.

2. Auto Parts Forming: At the SEYI booth at TIMTOS 2015, engineers from SEYI’s Large Press Systems Division will be on-hand to evaluate parts drawings and ideas from attendees and recommend custom press system solutions using SEYI’s award-winning lineup of Straight Side Eccentric Gear Mechanical Presses (SE Series) and Straight Side Mechanical Presses (SAG Series).

Designed for high-volume automotive pressing, both the SE and SAG Series presses feature high-rigidity frame gantry type and low deformation. The SE Series models are equipped with eccentric gear transmission, making them ideal for long stroke, high-profile drawing and processing of thin-sheet metal. SEYI’s SE series presses are superior to hydraulic machines, and are capable of forming complex parts.

SAG Series presses are designed with a central gear and 8 side gibs which allow for a 20% higher load of pressing unbalanced molds. The SAG presses can be used for high-volume, sheet metal parts cutting, punching, bending and forming, and are suitable for stand-alone and in-line production set-ups.

3. Heavy Duty Metal Forming: In order to meet the manufacturing requirements for automotive parts, SEYI developed its ”Heavy Stamping Link Motion Mechanical Press” (SM1 Series), and its “Progressive Stamping Link Motion Mechanical Press” (SM2 Series), to improve thick plate stamping pressing precision and heavy-duty production volumes. The models in the SM1 Series employ an 8-point square slide frame design, a high rigidity structure, sufficient torque and a stronger rod drive which make them suitable for thick plate stamping forming under heavy-load conditions and can effectively improve capacity up to 40%. The specially designed models in SEYI’s SM2 Series employ a dynamic balance system that facilitates high-speed pressing, minimizes vibration of the machine body, and improves precision and productivity. The SM1 and SM2 Series are the kings of thick-plate metal forming, suitable for progressive molds of small parts, or punching, bending, forming and other heavy-duty pressing of single-step processing of metal sheets thicker than 6mm.

4. Automation & Total Solutions: As a leader in “smart” plants, SEYI provides smart production solutions through the design of customized manufacturing solutions that raise the capabilities and volumes of customer production lines---from pressing machinery to robotic arms to feeding and conveying equipment. SEYI’s presses offer real-time remote monitoring of temperature, punching load, lubrication pressure, and brake slippage. SEYI’s integrated remote monitoring system ensures operational efficiency, provides maintenance alerts, and forecasts wear and replacement of important components, ensuring the highest possible utilization rate for customers’ machinery.

An Emerging Global Top 5 Metal Former

In addition to the themes introduced at TIMITOS 2015, SEYI is embracing the ambitions and opportunities presented by the shift in manufacturing to “Industry 4.0.” While remaining focused on its core capabilities in metal forming, sales, service and R&D, SEYI is embarking on new initiatives to address future customer needs and solution design. Specifically, SEYI is making the following investments:

1. Systematization of Servo Presses: SEYI is developing a specially designed motor and control system aimed at further differentiating the company’s products in the market place. SEYI’s Servo presses ranging from 80 to 1600 tons meet a variety of customer needs by enabling automated production lines, possibly combined with other models, to diversify production and increase machine utilization rates.

2. Standardization of Large-Tonnage Models: SEYI is developing large presses in the 2000 ton range in order to offer a full line of presses to automotive, home appliance and other industrial customers. Drawing on its large database of customized projects, SEYI will modularize design and production to shorten lead-times, enabling customers to experience faster start-ups and returns on their capital expenditures. Standardized feeds and production mechanisms will not only improve product quality, but also improve maintenance efficiency.

3. Popularity of Tandem Line Products: While SEYI’s stand-alone machines enjoy an excellent reputation with global customers, SEYI is focused on providing complete manufacturing solutions. Company services are expanding from presses and peripheral devices to analytics for production processes, quality inspection, feeds and process outputs. SEYI offers solutions for the automation of stand-alone equipment, multi-press serial lines, large tandem production lines, and fully automated production systems.

4. Energy Management Services: In the era of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), SEYI is moving beyond mere press sales to offer value-added services in support of production planning, estimating, output, project evaluation, and complete project management. SEYI’s remote production line monitoring and management is a first step in fulfilling the IoT promise by offering advanced connectivity to improve machinery utilization and production capacity.

Looking ahead, Ms. Kuo said: "With a clear strategic direction, I believe SEYI will leapfrog into the next generation and become a new industry champion. The market will pose complex challenges and metal forming will grow more complicated, but SEYI is ready. Our Servo presses are at the forefront of trends in automotive manufacturing; we’re integrating upstream and downstream industry resources and introducing comprehensive solutions that are not only the best technologically, but also offer distinct financial advantages. By building win-win industry synergies, SEYI will become a Top-5, global provider of metal forming solutions.”